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Who is P.D. MORENO™?  P.D. MORENO is two creative people (P.D. & Moreno) who joined their talents to create sensational artwork that has an international and mass appeal.  Each person, one Italian and one American, brings a unique style and experience to the creative process that allows them to reach artistic heights that put them above the competition.

P.D. MORENO™ offers a vast spectrum of art mediums…Illustration, Fine Art, Characters, Portrait, Comics, Caricatures, Watercolor, Cartoons, Sculpture, Oil, Acrylic, Pencil, Digital and more.  P.D. MORENO™ has an artistic style that crosses multiple genres of art, such as, CONTEMPORARY, VINTAGE, TRADITIONAL, ABSTRACT, MODERN, etc..

The P.D. MORENO™ portfolio consists of all types of animals, domestic and wild. To name a few, Dogs (Puppies), Cats (Kittens), Horses, Giraffes, Sleuths, Tigers, Elephants, Zebras, Pink Flamingos, Llamas, Monkeys, Pigs, Penguins, Beluga Whales, and lots more!  The P.D. MORENO™ collections also contain popular themes such as, CITYSCAPES, FLORALS, HEARTS, COTTAGES, LANDSCAPES, ARCHITECTURE, COUNTRYSIDES, etc! 

Product and Market Adaptability are important goals of the P.D. MORENO™ artwork. Our team works closely with each client to find the best artistic solutions to achieve the highest results.  Let us show you how adding the P.D. MORENO™ Brand to your company will give you an advantage over your competitors. 

P.D. MORENO™…Where Creativity Begins and Never Ends.